Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mountain Park Open House



The first day of the new Mountain Park was baking hot, but that didn't discourage the enthusiasm for Eric Suher's newest venue. The free Saturday show was an instant hit with the crowd. Between acts he announced he would like to have free shows every week. Was that a promise?



It didn't feel like a concert at all. At least not the type I'm use to. It sorta felt like a class reunion. A few people got wild near the stage, but were quickly led away by the police. Check out in the valley for the unbridled exuberance.

Holyokers were out in force. I saw lot's of friends, and we talked the day away. Everyone was wondering what the attendance numbers were. Max Hartshorne thought it at least Three thousand if not Five. The Mt. Tom Billy Goat asked Eric what the numbers were when he walked by us. Eric said he a good idea, but wouldn't elaborate.



People were coming and going all day. As it got dark the families with little ones started to leave, and yet more people were still arriving. The final act was great. I'd never heard them before, so was pleasantly surprised when they started to play. I remember thinking: "Why aren't more people here?".



Before I left I snapped a candid one of the man who can't be photographed. He seemed too happy to care. I'm amazed he didn't throw me out at first sight.



Fishing413 said...

Great post and pictures! By the look on Eric's face he was happy with the turnout lol.

VanDog said...

Thanks Fishing413, did you make it to Mountain Park on Sat or Sun?

Max Hartshorne said...

A great day in the history of Holyoke!

Fishing413 said...

VanDog I went for a nice hike sunday up the B-17 trail, then hitting the summit house and Mt. Tom. To get there you pass the ampitheatre going up the access road to the right. If you check out my blog you can see some pictures I snapped on the way up and down. It was really neat to see it before and after. Coming down the mountain from our hike my wife and myself were treated to some live music.
I'm hoping to get a post up about our hike Sunday, just having a little trouble with pictures not fitting correctly on my page :(

James Sutter said...

Becca and I walked up from our house at about 9 pm and were pleasantly surprised to find that, despite not hearing a darned thing from our side of the 91 overpass, music was indeed still happening. I can't wait for someone to complain about the noise, so I can tell them to take a long walk off a short pier. Things looked real good overall. someone told me he is thinking of building a "shed" like tanglewood has to cover the 1st 30 or so rows of seating. Sounds pretty cool.