Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Parsons Fire - One Year Later

Can you believe it was one year ago today that Parsons burned?


Over last Winter I began to realize that the fire was the end of the paper making era in Holyoke, and a 'New Holyoke' was being born. Great things began happening late last year. I started meeting new people at Crush events, and they weren't bickering, they were working together. Since the fire I've met more great people, and been to more great events than all my former years living in Holyoke combined.


Its rather fitting that on this day most Holyokers will first learn of a computer research center planned for Holyoke. Were talking about a lot of inve$tment here, and a lot of new jobs. I hear the Parson site is one of the locations being considered, and If it does go there then I think the Parsons name should be attached to it in some way. To pay homage to the man who introduced Holyoke to the industry that gave us our first 150 years of prosperity.

And please use some of the bricks sitting at the site for Christ's sake. We love our red bricks here in Holyoke.


bugink said...

a year!?

Greg Saulmon said...

This is a very thoughtful post, Peter.

I agree, there's a lot of symbolism in that site. And a lot of hope in all that's transpired since the fire.

Anonymous said...

Hazen Paper still makes paper.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Holyoke is ready to usher in a new era in business. I am very happy to see Holyoke is beginning to make this transition. I would like to see the Parsons site to become a nice park that honors the family and the history of Holyoke. Take those bricks and make a walk for the park! I love Holyoke and the potential the city is now spreading.

VanDog said...

Thanks Greg, and Jeff. I am very hopeful for a new era to begin for all Holyokers.

Anon, I should have said that the paper making era, as Holyoke's dominant industry, has ended.